12 Steps For Hiring A Great Mover

In this country we have millions of people moving every year. Come to think about it, one might say it’s a miracle most of them go smoothly considering how daunting the process is. So, how do they manage? They do so by hiring the best movers in town.

Unfortunately, even with so many smooth moves, shoddy practices and scams do occur. That’s why we would advise you to be informed about all the significant steps in the process. Below are 12 steps that will guide you through the entire process:

1. Get recommendation

Go ahead and talk to your family members, friends, coworkers, and even the local realtors. Use the phone book to search for moving companies found in your area. You can also use online resources but remember, not all big-name companies have the best services.

2. Do an initial screening

Come up with a list of recommended movers and then carry out some background check. Learn what you can about the firms. Don’t forget to visit their social media pages or to read the online reviews. Pay close attention to how they handle complaints from past clients and their social media presence. For more information, Matco Movers can provide you with further insights.

3. Your final list should have at least three potential moving firms that you’ll call for an in-home estimate

Are you moving out of state? If you are, settle for that company which offers a binding not-to-exceed estimate or at least a written biding estimate. These estimates usually have a guaranteed cap on what the client is to pay for the move.

4. Show the estimator all your household items

A good estimator who has the experience that you’re looking for will ask questions concerning the things that you plan to move to your next home. Be honest during the process. If on the day you decide to move they notice you have significantly more items than originally calculated, you’ll be forced to pay more.

5. Review the estimate

The estimate will serve as your bill of lading and order for service. It has to have the moving company representative’s signature and the date at the bottom and the words ‘written binding estimate’ up top. If you don’t understand something in the estimate, right away call the moving company and ask them for a revised written estimate.

6. Don’t pay a large deposit

Reputable movers don’t usually ask for a significant deposit or cash before moving your stuff. Clients always pay after delivery. If you choose to pay in advance, just know that you’re reducing your chances of seeing your belongings soon.

7. Compare the bids

A company that has bids that are much lower than all the others should not pique your interest. They either have hidden costs or they don’t know much about the industry. Look for reasonably-sounding bids and try to negotiate for a better rate.

8. Avoid a blank moving contract

It’s not smart to sign a blank contract. Everything should be in writing. We’re talking about the extra fees, the mover’s estimate, pick up, and the delivery dates.

9. The company has to be licensed

This might sound crazy to believe but we actually do have movers who solicit business even before they get the legal authority to do so. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to use the company’s USDOT number to confirm the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website that the firm is licensed.

10. Call the FMCSA’s hotline

It’s the one hotline that deals with safety violations and consumer complaints. You’ll need to give them a call so that you may find out what kind of complaints they have against the moving company you’re hoping to work with.

11. Mover selection

If you have a company on your list that has gone through all the checks listed above and passed all of them, hire them. Just make sure you confirm with them the moving dates and you’ve gotten signed order of service.

12. Get a copy of the inventory list of the movers on the moving day

On that day you should make sure you have a way of contacting the movers throughout the move, you’ve given them specific directions to you new home, and you have a written copy their inventory list.

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