3 Common Reasons to Change the Locks in Your House

The moving process can be a stressful time of your life with many different tasks to attend to, such as packing your belongings, booking a company to help you, and changing your address on all of information, accounts, and identification.

When the moving process is complete, you just want to concentrate on unpacking, re-arranging each room to the way you want it, and eventually relaxing. As a result, many homeowners neglect a very important step that should follow any move: changing the locks on the new house. Below are reasons why this step should never be neglected and why you should always do it immediately after moving.

1. Prevent intrusions

The most obvious reason to change the locks after assuming possession of a new home is to prevent theft. You would hate to move in, arrange everything the way you want, and start to settle in to find one day that you have been the victim of an intrusion. This can occur when you think you have all copies of keys at the time the house sale closes. However, it is common for friends and family members of the previous owner to have keys. Even if they enter your home with no ill-will intended, it can be unnerving and rude nonetheless.

To prevent unwelcome entries into your new home with unaccounted for, duplicate keys, it is recommended that you call a locksmith to change every lock on the house. That way, you know you are the only one with the keys and no one will be able to enter.

2. Upgrade

Shortly after moving, you may notice that the locks on the house are old especially if it is an older home. You could also notice that the locking system is inadequate for your needs and feel that it may not be enough to keep the house secure. In either of these instances, hiring a locksmith to change the lock should be considered.

To prevent older locks from breaking kets or failing to lock when needed, a locksmith can attend and switch the old one with a brand new lock with new keys. Before the locksmith leave, he/she will test the lock to make sure it locks and unlocks with ease. If you feel that the current lock will not be enough to ensure security or you need a few additional mechanisms to add to the current set-up, a locksmith can attend, evaluate your locks, make recommendations, and add mechanisms based on what you request. Visit the Lock-Up Services Inc website for additional information and more online resources.

3. Save money and time

You want to keep your family and house safe and secure yet do not want to break the bank and take a lot of time doing it. Luckily, changing the locks can allow you to guarantee the security of your home, it is more economical than some people think, and can be done in no time at all.

If you are handy, changing the locks on your house shortly after you move in can be considered a do-it-yourself project. But this job is unique because while most jobs that you do yourself can save money and time when compared to hiring a professional, changing locks is not one of them. Realistically, changing a lock yourself could result in errors that need to be fixed by a locksmith, costing more money in the long run. Assuming you know what you are doing, on average the installation of a lock can take an hour and much longer if you have never completed a lock change yourself. A locksmith can install a new lock in 5 to 15 minutes at a cost of around $50 per lock if you have already purchased one. Of course these factors depend on the lock that you have chosen to have installed.

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