4 Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains damage homes and tamper with the daily routine of residents. Unfortunately, hoping that the drains will eventually drain out of the kitchen or bathroom will not solve the issue. You must hire a plumber to fix the problem immediately you notice slow or clogged drains. Also, renters and homeowners ought to be aware of common causes of clogged drains so that they can prevent the issue as well understand how to handle clogs when they occur.

1. Clogged drains from hair

Hair is a huge culprit of drain clogs in homes. It binds with sticky substances and grease to form clogs. Clogged drains from hair are most common in bathrooms and bathtubs. You can deal with clogged drains resulting from hair by preventing them. Make sure you place guards in your bathtub drains or bathroom drains to catch hair. You should also hire a plumber to regularly clear your bathroom and bathtub drain to get rid of hair that blocks the pipes.

2. Blocked drains from dirt and plants

Natural debris, leaves, shrubs, and dirt are a significant contributor of blocked drains. Most drains that block due to plants and dirt do so after autumn and spring because most plants shed off leaves during the two seasons. You can protect your drains from clogs by maintaining your yard and the outdoor in excellent condition. Additionally, roots from trees are well-known to block pipes and drains in homes because they grow underneath in search of water. You can prevent blocked drains by watering plants well and cleaning drains regularly to prevent debris accumulation.

3. Blocked drains from toiletries

Unfortunately, people get into the habit of allowing toiletries down the drain, which results to clogged drains. Soap also causes clogged drains especially when manufactured using fat or grease. The fat in the soap leaves a soap scum after combining with minerals found in water that stain clog pipes and bath fixtures. You can opt for soap free washes to protect your drains or hire plumbers to clear the drain pipes regularly. You should also avoid disposing of baby wipes and nappies down the drains to prevent blockage. People are advised to refrain from disposing of anything else besides water and toilet paper down the drain. Visit the Drain Rescue Plumber website for more information.

4. Blocked drains from storms and heavy rain

Drains usually experience clogs during floods from heavy rainfall. Drains are never designed to take the impacts of adverse weather. It is advisable to maintain your gutters in excellent condition to prevent overflow of rainwater in the downpipes and rainwater gutters. You might have to call a plumbing company to unclog blocked drains after heavy rainfall. Poor pipe installation also causes frequent drain clogs. Homeowners must also ensure that pipes are installed correctly to prevent frequent clogs.

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