4 Factors That Affect the Total Moving Costs

It is paramount to have an idea of the total moving costs when planning for a move. You can get moving cost estimates from various movers Vancouver to have an idea of the total costs, which is vital in budgeting. A moving company offers an estimate after considering an array of factors, such as the distance and the shipment weight. However, movers also find several other factors before giving you an estimate moving cost, and it is paramount to understand the factors they consider.

1. Required moving services

The moving services you need play a significant role in influencing the final moving cost. Movers who handle all areas of the moving process tend to charge higher fees than those who offer specific services. The total moving costs will be high if you want the moving company to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your items to your new home. However, you can reduce moving costs if you decide to do some tasks on your own so that you pay a mover to transport, unload or unpack the items. Storage services also affect your total moving cost.

2. The size of your home

Homes vary in size, and that is why most moving companies visit homes first before they give the cost estimate. The moving costs for a large mansion will be more than those of a small apartment. Room sizes also affect the cost because a moving company will spend more time packing, unloading and unpacking household items of big rooms than when offering the same services for small rooms. Also, items of a big house take up more space than those of a small house. Stairs and number of floors also affect the final moving cost.

3. The time of your move

The time when you are relocating affects the cost of moving. Moving company rates are usually higher during summer months than winter months. Therefore, you can expect to pay more during summer and spring months than during winter. Don’t forget that moving rates are higher on the first and last days of the month and national holidays because several people move during that time due to rental agreements and job considerations. You can avoid the peak seasons when moving if you want to save on costs.

4. The distance of the move

Distance is another consideration that moving companies look into as they determine the moving cost. Relocation across the street will be cheaper than a move across the city or an international move. Fortunately moving companies can help you to determine a short route when moving to a new state or within your city so that you can spend less money than longer routes. It also reduces the possibilities of damaging your belongings. The moving insurance also affects the total moving costs, especially if you consider taking extra coverage to protect your items.

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