4 Must-Have Features for Your Mobile App

To be competitive in this enormous and widespread age of technology, you need to have a mobile app if you want your business to be competitive. If you have the skills and no-how, developing your own mobile app can be done. However, if you create it with errors, it can affect its usability and functionality which will frustrate users who will refuse to use it again and give you their business. You need to have your mobile app developed by an app developer company and you need to let them know your requirements before they begin so they know what you are looking for and what you need.

Below are 4 must-have components for your mobile app. Having them will ensure the best user experience possible.

1. Good loading times

No one likes an app that takes too much time to load. Apps that take forever to load are annoying to the users and people tend to avoid them. This, therefore, means that quick loading times should be among the most important features that your mobile app should have. Any given mobile app should not take more than a few seconds to load. If it takes any longer than this, users might get impatient and lose interest in your mobile app.

If you happen to have a more complex app that requires a little more time to load, then an effective alternative is to redirect the users to another page that notifies or shows them that the app is loading. That way they can patiently wait for the app to load and know that the process is not frozen or problematic.

2. Uniqueness

Since you see your company as different and better than your competition, you need to prove this on a regular basis. One way you can do this is with a unique and helpful mobile app.

An app that is considered to be unique tends to get more users. Therefore, offer something different to your users is beneficial. This can include a design or function that they have not seen or experienced before. The importance of an app is in the way it helps its users solve their problems. Therefore, you need to take inventory of what your app offers to a customer and determine that it achieves this once the product is completed by the app developer company.

3. Performance

An app that crashes frequently or generally performs poorly will not be popular among its users and it will not gain more. A good app’s performance should be consistent and up-to-date on all security measures. The app should also be well-tested by the developer to ensure that it passes all performance tests and is not riddled with errors or bugs that affect usability.

A good app is reliable and efficient, loading within an adequate time frame and should not crash under any circumstances. Battery life should also be taken into consideration as the app should not consume too much power and leave the user with a dead smartphone or tablet. The issue of freezing should also be addressed when it comes to performance as this will frustrate users and they will avoid using your app at all costs.

4. Limited Ads

The number of ads that are put on an app could either make or break the users’ interest in using that particular app. Too many adds on an app make the company look only interested in making money off them. They can also be disruptive and prevent the user from being able to view your information, products, or services.

Although there is potential to earn from the ads, try to limit the number of ads that appear on your app. The amount of money you will make from them tends to be miniscule and is not worth sacrificing the satisfaction of the user.

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