4 Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring Them

Getting a good roofer can prove difficult, especially because many less professional roofers are looking to cut costs and make the most profit. They also want to do a fast job and move on to the next customer. Here are four questions to ask your roofing company before hiring them.

1. Will They Install Metal Edge or Drip?

Metal edge or dip is usually an aluminum piece that is placed below the shingles to come off the roof. It protrudes outward to aid in directing runoff into the eavestroughs to safeguard your fascia, soffits, and decking. Failure to install it will result in a high cost of repairing the damage that will occur. Some unscrupulous roofing services will intentionally avoid drip edging unless you specifically inquire. Hence, it is always essential to ask. Check out the Cherry and Clark Roofing website if you want to learn more.

2. Will They Remove the Old Roof?

A simple way of preventing roofers from cutting corners is by personally inspecting the old roof before shingling over it. In case they fail to pull the previous shingles up, they will not find out if there are soft spots that exist underneath. When issues are not discovered and repaired early, you will incur expensive repairs later on. A professional and experienced roofer will remove the old roof and put a new one in its place.

3. Will They Install New Flashings or Reuse Old Ones?

It is hard to replace flashing on your current roof. The roofer requires removing and measuring the current flashing before custom bending the new flashings and installing them accurately. Some less professional roofing companies don’t like the hassle involved in installing new flashings. However, it is essential to you as a homeowner. This is because the old flashing is made to fit the shingle type and the dimensions of the old roof. This means they might not suit the new roof and shingle type. Additionally, you can incur higher repair costs when they start rusting and leaking, resulting in additional damage to the roof and home as well.

4. How Far Will They Overhang The Shingles?

The shingles require overhanging from six millimeters to two centimeters. This depends on various factors, which include the installation of drip edge flashing. They need not extend over 2.5 cm. In case of too little overhang, seeping of water into the rake or fascia boards can occur. In case the overhang is excessive, the shingles will face the risk of being blown off when there are strong winds or when it sucks up water as it flows via the eavestroughs.

Failure to ask these questions can result in expensive repair costs in the future. Be sure to ask them for quality service that will ensure you obtain a long-lasting roof.

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