4 Tips for Caring for your Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring can bring character and value to your home. It is a timeless look that is often sought after when purchasing a home. While wood flooring is beautiful, it can be difficult to care for and maintain. Once the flooring is damaged, it is costly to repair and even more costly to replace. This can be avoided with proper maintenance and care. This can be achieved by performing routine maintenance, utilizing protective coverings, being mindful of the climate, and utilizing proper window coverings. The following list provides tips on how to care for hardwood flooring to ensure that it stays strong and beautiful for a lifetime.

1. Perform Routine Maintenance

Hardwood flooring, when properly maintained, can last for decades. It is recommended that you avoid harsh chemicals, wet mops, or steam mops when doing you weekly or monthly cleaning. Sweep daily to clean and remove dust and clean up any spills or soiled areas with a damp cloth. Once per month, clean the flooring with a floor cleaner that is permissible for your type of flooring. Perform routine coat maintenance every three to five years and sand and refinish the flooring every 2-3 decades.

2. Utilize Protective Coverings

Using throw rugs can cut down on exposed areas. This is essential in high traffic areas such as entry ways and hallways. Cover the bottom of furniture legs with protective padding to avoid scuffs, scratches, and compression dents. It is also recommended to avoid walking on hardwood floors with footwear that can cause damage such as athletic cleats and high-heeled shoes. You may be able to learn more information at Relative Space flooring.

3. Pay Attention to your Climate

If you live in a climate that has low humidity, it is essential that you utilize a humidifier during the winter season. This will help to minimize gaps in the flooring and will prevent dry-out. This may not seem like a huge risk. However, over time the lack of humidity can cause permanent damage that cannot be resolved.

4. Utilize Proper Window Coverings

Extended exposure to the sun can bleach the color out of wood. This is not limited to wood that it outside and exposed to the elements. This can also happen to your hardwood floors when the sun beams in through your windows. Installing window coverings can ensure that the flooring is somewhat protected from sun exposure. Using floor coverings on areas that are regularly exposed to the sun can also help to limit the damage.

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