4 Tips for Moving Common and Difficult Household Items

Most of us are familiar with how to move household items that easily fit into a box, such as books and clothing. However, we all have items in our homes that present a challenge whether you are moving across town or across the continent. Whether you do all the packing and moving yourself or hire a professional moving company to assist with your relocation, there are some items that need thought and preparation prior to moving day. Included in the challenging item list are:

1. How to move plants

Not only are you moving the plants, but you are also moving their pots. Replanting into unbreakable plastic pots for the move will help assure your favorite clay pots are unbroken on your arrival. Prune plants that need to be trimmed. On the day of the move, wrap each plant in tissue paper or old linens and place securely in a box. Brace each plant to make sure it does not move around in the box.

2. How to move a washing machine

Turn off the water to the machine, and make sure the water is drained by removing both ends of all of all hoses. The tub of your machine needs to be braced to keep it from moving around. Have your professional mover install the appropriate transit bolts for your machine. Never lay a washing machine down when it is being moved.

3. How to move a large, framed painting

If the painting or picture is covered with glass, start by placing a large X of masking tape across the glass. This will help hold the glass in place and prevent damage to your frame, picture, or painting if the glass should break in transit. Put a large piece of heavy cardboard over the whole face of the painting. Wrap the whole in bubble wrap and place in a box that is slightly larger than your framed artwork. Professional movers Vancouver can provide the correct box. In a pinch, your local bicycle shop may have a box for you to use.

4. How to move a swing set

Whether your swing set is metal or wooden, there is no way around having to disassemble it when you move. A professional mover can do this for you, or you can solicit help from a friend or family member. You and the young members of your family will be glad you took the time to move the swing set properly.

Moving day may seem overwhelming, but with the right know-how and assistance from a reliable moving company, everything should go smoothly.

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