4 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Locksmith Services

You may need to change the locks in your home for various reasons, such as moving into a new place or when the locks are not working as they should. Another reason is if you lose a housekey. Locksmiths do not work cheaply. Their skill is needed to ensure that new locks are fitted properly and remain secure. When you change a front door lock, for example, you may decide to change the back door or garage door at the same time. The following tips can help you save money on this valuable service.

1. Use Coupons

Locksmith coupons can be found online at the company website or at a coupon broker’s website. Sometimes they are available on the back of local supermarket receipts or in the community newspaper, print or online. If you don’t find any, it doesn’t hurt to call the company and ask if they have some coupons in the shop.

2. Inquire about Discounts

If the locksmith does not offer coupons, discounted services may be available through the website or by word of mouth. Many small companies will charge less for customers who pay by cash. Others offer a new customer discount so you will try their services. Occasionally, bundled services, such as replacing several household locks at the same time, may result in a discount. Ask to find out if the company offers scheduled discounts at certain times of the year or around the holidays.

3. Take Care of Your Locks

To avoid or delay the cost of lock repair or replacement, protect your home’s locks by using the keys appropriately. Don’t let kids stick objects like crayons or cotton swabs into the keyholes, which might cause damage and require expert diagnosis and repair. If a household lock is starting to look rusty or chipped, get a professional assessment and a repair estimate. The repair will likely be cheaper than buying all new lock parts. This advice also extends to cars. For example if freezing rain is expected, be sure to park your car in the garage or underground or you may need to contact a locksmith to unlock a frozen car door.

4. Schedule Multiple Lock Services

If one lock is starting to go bad but is still usable for a while longer, wait a bit to try and bundle other lock services at the time of repair. Getting several services or types of lock equipment at the same time may save money and reduce the overall cost. Some trades professionals charge for each home visit, so having more than one service performed can eliminate the need for and cost of another home visit in the near future.

Keep your home locks in good condition for long-lasting durability. When you do have a problem with your locks, ask your local locksmith about discounts on pricing to save money on your next repair or update service.

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