5 Steps to Finding a Qualified Roofer

Calling a roofer in to fix up your roof means finding someone you trust who is able to accomplish the job you need done. Whether you are having your roof shingled or roofed with another material, or whether you need a repair or some other service, there are some key things to look for and to know before moving ahead with hiring the roofers you choose.

1. Get a written cost estimate

When it comes to skilled labour jobs like Cherry & Clark roofing, it is far too easy for workers to raise the price if the agreement has only been made verbally. Without a written agreement, it is easy for miscommunication and arguments to occur or for workers to realize late that they under estimated the scope of the job. Get a written estimate in advance and make sure that any extra work that needs to be done in addition to what’s on the estimate is discussed with you so that you have a solid understanding of why added costs may be added.

2. Make sure the company has insurance

Accidents happen, especially when a significant amount of the work is happening so high off the ground. The roofer you choose should have workers compensation insurance to help cover any employees who become injured on the job. This is an especially important point too, because should those roofers become injured while uninsured, you could end up taking the heat – namely, coughing up some compensation cash.

The company should also have insurance which covers your property and belongings, should anything be damaged by the workers during the project. Both of these types of insurance are signs that the company you have chosen is professional, and that you won’t get stuck with extra costs.

3. Find out how experienced the crew is

In high season, it is easy to hire inexperienced workers to fill the empty spots in the schedule, and to try to get jobs done faster. But inexperienced workers make more mistakes, and although the company may have a high-quality standards, it is impossible to monitor every move an inexperienced worker makes which could change things significantly when it comes to your roof.

You want to know that your company has a staff of experienced workers, or workers who have been trained well. This will give you peace of mind while your roof is being worked on.

4. Ask how long the project is expected to take

This is especially important for a bigger projects like roof replacements, especially if you and your family will be displaced or inconvenienced during the project. Get a time estimate in writing, just like with your cost estimate, and check in with your contact throughout the project to make sure you are in the loop on whether the project is still on track.

Remember, delays happen, and you may have to work with your roofer to set new deadlines if unexpected and unavoidable delays occur. That being said, your roofer needs to be transparent with you about any delays they run into, and how much extra time they are going to need to complete the project in the aftermath of those delays.

5. Find out if the company is licensed

There are different laws, bylaws, and policies for roofers, and these change depending on where the roofer is working. So it is important to make sure that the roofer you choose is licensed to work in your city.

Hiring a roofer that is not licensed could have a ton of negative effects for you – and making sure that they are licensed will mean that they have followed all the proper building laws, and that your roof is in good hands.

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