5 Tips for a Smooth Office Move

Business owners often make big decisions. One of the most significant decisions you might have to make as a business owner is moving offices to a new city or location. It is a decision that might affect your company if you don’t handle it carefully. The process of relocating, from choosing a moving company to arriving at your new office can be daunting. If you or any coworkers are pet people, remember to read local pet guides such as this dog friendly guide to Vancouver so you can be prepared ahead of time. However, you can make the process efficient and smooth with office moving tips.

1. Start planning early

You need to create a timeline early enough to avoid inconveniences and ensure that you plan for your office relocation effectively. You should begin the process five months before the actual moving date so that you have enough time to attend to all matters. Also, you might subject your business to an ordeal when you don’t give it enough time. Remember to announce the move in advance to make it easier for your employees and families than before.

2. Draw up budget

Office moves are expensive. Therefore, you need to be keen on your budget so that you cut on moving costs and avoid overspending. As you draw a budget, evaluate your current office to know the items that you need in your new location. Don’t forget to include emergency funds of at least ten percent of the total moving costs to avoid frustrations.

3. Hire a moving company early

One of the things you should do early is looking for a mover. You need to choose and contact your mover at least three months to the due date. You might not get a good deal if you look for a moving company late. Since moving an office entails a lot of things, your mover might want to visit your office for logistics. Don’t forget to get an estimate from the moving company before you sign a contract to avoid surprise charges.

4. Don’t forget IT

One of the areas you should never overlook when moving offices is the IT department. Technology has changed business operations, with every office using computers to operate. Company servers hold vital company information that can be used by your competitors to offer a competitive advantage. As such, you cannot afford to bungle the IT component during your relocation process; otherwise, you risk interrupting the workflow of your employees and losing crucial company data. You should deal with internet service plans, hardware, and phone lines.

5. Update your partners and business accessories

Make sure you inform your business partners, clients, and vendors a month before the moving date about your new office location. You should ensure that the information reaches your potential customers by updating your online pages and website. Don’t forget to change your office location on your letterhead, business cards and on other promotional products.

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