5 Ways to Protect Your Roof from Wildlife

Critters will always look for a way into your house. No matter what Toronto roofing system you have put in place, raccoons, bats, mice, and all sorts of wildlife seem to have a knack for creating pathways to your home. To keep your house free of wildlife, it’s imperative that you protect your roof from animal intruders.

1. Maintain Your Roof on a Regular Basis

The roof is one part of the house that is subjected to a natural assault on a daily basis. It is exposed to the sun, rain, snow, and other kinds of bad weather. These weather changes make the roof brittle, and when it weakens, animals will find it easier to break into it.

Proper maintenance of your roof reduces the risk of animals breaking in through it. For one, your roof sheathing is the easiest target for animals. You also need to take into consideration your gutter, vents, and chimney. Animals will chew on these parts of the roof until they gain entry.

Always schedule a professional roof maintenance company to identify weak spots on your roof. Have them replaced immediately if required.

2. Make Sure the Attic Is Free of Infestation

The roof is not only outside your house; it is also inside. Always pay your attic a regular visit and make sure you clean it up. Rodents and other vermin like to stay in the attic because it is dark and quiet. You will easily notice signs of animal infestation through the smell, sights of droppings, and nests.

Observe carefully if the walls have gnaw marks. If they do, it is very likely that the animals chewed on them. Once you see signs of animal presence, try to track the point of entry and seal it shut immediately.

3. Check for Cracks and Seal Them

Your roof was designed not to have cracks. However, forces of nature can cause nails to disengage and for cracks and gaps to happen. This exposes your house to critters as they go looking for areas to breed and live in.

For as long as the gap is big enough for an animal to wiggle through, expect that it will and that it will make a home out of it. And the animal will not stop there. They will multiply and spread in your house.

To prevent this, you need to look for gaps regularly and close them with sealants you can buy from the store. If the crack is big enough and you think it is too late to fix it yourself, call a professional and have it fixed immediately.

4. Cap Up

If you have a chimney, it’s a wise idea to buy a chimney cap and close it when not in use. In addition, make sure that you do not leave food scraps in the fireplace. Too many times, we throw food in the fireplace, expecting them to get burned. Sure, they char, but they will attract animals through your chimney.

5. Clean Up

Lastly, keep your house and your roof clean. Leaves that have gathered in the gutter will lead to clogs. Water will accumulate and where there is water, there is life. And when life is present on your roof or any part of the house, animals will follow.

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