6 Myths about Using Real Estate CRM

Real estate agents often have a lot of things on their to-do-list. They are well-known for their hectic schedule, which explains why most of them don’t have enough time to research the truth about real estate CRM. You must have heard a few gossips about CRM, and you are not sure what to believe. Well, real estate CRM myths have discouraged several organizations from adopting the technology.

1. CRM will do everything for your real estate business

CRM is a powerful tool for every business, and it can be utilized to integrate with other ancillary systems. However, real estate businesses should understand what the software can do, its roles and what it cannot perform for the company. The truth is that CRM cannot do everything for your business, but it can integrate with other applications if you plan it well. More valuable information can be found on the Ixact Contact website.

2. CRM is time-consuming to set up

The idea of the initial set up process for any new system can be daunting. However, it doesn’t have to feel that way for CRM initial set up process. The process is an easy one, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. Besides, the CRM provider sets up the system on your behalf irrespective of where your contacts have been stored. The process takes less than a day.

3. Vertical CRM will always work

Your business processes and needs are unique from other real estate organizations. As a result, you need CRM solutions that are different from your competitors so that they can suit your needs. Organizations must consider pre-built CRM systems as the starting point so that they can customize them to their processes and requirements.

4. You must be a computer guru to use real estate CRM

On the contrary, anybody can use a CRM solution. What you require is a solution that has the right features for your business and simple for the average person. You should choose a CRM solution that is designed for real estate agents to make sure that it is powerful and it can perform tasks in the organization without overwhelming its end users.

5. CRM doesn’t generate leads for businesses

A smart real estate agent knows that the most effective way of generating leads is through referrals from previous clients. You can gain more referrals by remaining on top of the minds of clients. A CRM solution will only make the process easier than before by ensuring that you keep in touch with all your contacts regularly through personalized emails, newsletters, and activity plans.

6. CRMs are only sales tools

Most CRM solutions are personalized, and you can extend the functionalities to other processes in the business. Therefore, CRM solutions go beyond sales tools because you can use the solutions for other functionalities like data sharing. Make sure you consider features before investing in the solutions.

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