6 Unusual Moving Services

Not every move is the same. For example, if you plan to move house or move office, you may have some special moving requests. Therefore, you need the services of an experienced and committed mover – a contractor that will tackle any kind of move with an expertise that borders on finesse. The following examples denote how some moving services can become quite involved.

1. Moving a Specially Designed Vehicle

Sometimes movers must move specially designed vehicles, such as vehicles that are designed for sports or stadium use. When this happens, the move must be made with great care in mind. For example, a car may be moved from a stadium facility to a special museum. If the vehicle was donated, movers must be called in to perform the move. Not only must the moving company be bonded and insured, but it must also have experience with this sort of unusual move. For instance, the company must have the proper equipment to move a car that is long in length and about as tall as it is wide.

2. Moving an Antique

In some instances, a mover may be called to move an antique to display in a home or in a museum. For this type of item, the moving company usually crates the item before transporting it. Because of the item’s value, the owner should make sure that the transported antique is properly insured. The moving company should also be bonded and insured to make this type of move. If you would like to learn more, the Matco website is a great reference for additional information and resources.

3. Moving Retail Fixtures

Sometimes a moving company may be called out to move retail fixtures from one commercial building to the next. This type of move may necessitate moving the fixtures in the early morning hours or later at night. Special times are usually established to ensure that customers are not distracted by the activity. In this instance, both displays and fixtures must be relocated outside of regular business hours and times.

4. Moving Items That Are Hard to Access

Regardless of the furnishing, sometimes it is hard to access the item. In these cases, a moving company must move a sofa, for instance, by using a hoist. If the item will not fit through a hallway or down a stairwell, a hoist must be used. In this scenario, the sofa is usually moved out of a second storey window. To prepare the sofa for the move, the moving technicians pad wrap and stretch wrap the furnishing to keep if from getting damaged.

5. Moving Washers and Dryers for a Commercial Operation

Sometimes laundry equipment must be moved, for instance, for a large hotel. When this type of move is made, moving professionals usually use a lift gate on the truck and a forklift to transport the items. This is no easy task, as the walls may have to be removed at the new location to remove the old machines and place the new washers and dryers.

6. Moving Airplanes

A moving company may also have to move an airplane from one location to the next. For example Cessna aircraft have been moved by moving businesses, as have float plane pontoons. This type of sizeable machines needs a specially configured truck to ensure a successful move.

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