Collaboration to use data to improve student performance and safety

PlanetHS, a platform connecting school communities online, is proud to announce its innovative, collaborative partnership with Greenville (SC) County Schools and the Greenville Health System to collect data regarding student participation in school-sponsored athletics and sports-related injuries.

“This community collaboration has given us the unbelievable gift of ensuring we’re taking care of our greatest asset, which is those kids,” said Darryl Nance, the director of athletics for Greenville County Schools. “In a perfect situation, when a student is injured, the coach, athletic director, trainer, guidance counselor, and anyone else involved, would be able to collaborate about the student’s condition and academic performance in one platform. Our plan is that our collaborative partnership with PlanetHS will ultimately allow us to do just that.”

The data that is being gathered proves empirically that students involved in extracurricular activities get better grades, have higher attendance, have lower discipline levels, and are less likely to drop out. Resource allocations may now be made by districts based on this data to provide programs and services to achieve the optimal outcome for each student.

As part of the next phase of the partnership, the unique data gathered by PlanetHS will also be connected with other consequences of injuries, including time off the field, how much school a student misses, and academic performance. PlanetHS will then correlate the data to reveal trends.

In recognition of its success in implementing programs to protect its student athletes, Greenville County Schools was the first district in the country to have each of its schools named a “Safe Sports School” by the National Athletic Trainers Association.

“Greenville has truly embraced all PlanetHS can do, and we plan to share their model as a prime example for other districts to show what kind of tremendous success a district can have through collaboration,” said Lupita Knittel, the CEO of PlanetHS. “Through partnerships like the one built in Greenville, PlanetHS is transforming the way we prepare our students for success and the way districts make decisions.”

PlanetHS connects schools, families, and business communities in support of student activities and athletics. Some of the most common modules include live streaming, student elections, electronic payments, and sports eligibility—all powered by a robust database engine.

PlanetHS now serves more than 400,000 members from more than 900 schools. With 72% growth in number of users, and an e-mail open rate by parents of 70%, PlanetHS is fast becoming the preferred digital communications hub for the student-life ecosystem.

About PlanetHS

PlanetHS is the student-life online community enabling the critical links among school, family, and business for more successful extracurricular programs, higher participation, and greater student outcomes. The PlanetHS platform delivers school-moderated digital communications, powerful engagement tools, and attractive sponsorship modules, all supported by database analytic capabilities to inform and empower these critical activities. PlanetHS is headquartered in Georgia, with offices in Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina. For more information, please visit

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