Beyond High School: How Co-curricular Activities have Impacted my Life

Beyond High School: How Co-curricular Activities have Impacted my Life

Sarah Q. Buffalo, NY.


My love for co-curricular activities started before I even knew what the term co-curricular activities meant. Starting around the age of 4, I became a dancer.  Tap, Jazz and Ballet were the foundations for my love of sports.  I later joined an indoor soccer league and quickly became a member of every possible soccer league in my area, including JV and Varsity high school soccer.  I then threw being a competitive gymnast in the middle of dancing and soccer, of course all while being a student.

I had to learn and master time management at very young age to juggle schoolwork and co-curricular activities. I now keep more than busy, as a mother of two children under the age of 4 and holding a full time job, and I can credit mastering time management at a young age to the success of juggling family and work.

In addition to time management, the ability to release stress in constructive ways has proven to be essential.  Running and working out are my go to activities when I need to release the stress of life.  I’m thankful I can share this with my children.  They enjoy  “working out” and “dancing it out” with Mommy and I enjoy the fun, meaningful time I get to spend with them, all while teaching them constructive ways to release energy and stress.

I can go on and on about all of the life skills I learned through co-curricular activities. There are so many benefits of co-curricular activities but time management and stress relief have been the most critical to my success in adult life and as a mother.

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