Four Questions to Ask a Commercial Moving Company

There are many reasons why you may have plans to relocate your business to a new location. For example, you may be expanding because of business growth or downsizing to conserve funds. Regardless of whether you are relocating for one of these reasons or for another reason, it makes sense to hire professionals to assist with the physical aspect of the relocation. By asking your moving company these essential questions before moving day, you can be well-prepared for the experience.

1. Can You Work Overnight or During the Weekend?

If your business is like many others, you and your employees serve your customers during traditional business hours. If you must close your doors during business hours to relocate, you understandably are missing out on the chance to earn income and to serve your customers. With this in mind, it makes sense to hire a moving company Vancouver that offers services during off-hours. In fact, if you complete a local relocation for a small business over the weekend with professional assistance, you may not have any interruption of operations.

2. Can You Assist with Packing and Unpacking?

Because there is typically a need to keep your work area unpacked until the last minute and to get your new space up and running as soon as possible, it makes sense to look for help with packing and unpacking. Not every moving team offers packing and unpacking services. In addition, if a company does offer this type of service, you may need to request it in advance. Otherwise, the moving team may have to rush off to another job before your items are unpacked.

3. Will You Handle Electronics with Care?

Most businesses have at least a few expensive, specialized machines or electronics that will need to be relocated. This may include computers, printers, copiers, cash registers and other items. If you hire a moving team that has commercial experience, the team typically will have the ability to safely handle these items. Movers that do not have commercial experience may struggle with these items in some cases.

4. What Preliminary Steps Should Be Taken Before You Arrive?

Some commercial moving companies will complete all aspects of the relocation for you, and others may only be hired to load and unload the truck. You should be aware of all preliminary steps that the movers require before they arrive. By being prepared, you can ensure that moving day is executed with minimal hassle.

Moving your business to a new location is a major project. It requires ample planning as well as plenty of skilled labor. Regardless of whether you are currently searching for a moving team or you have already hired movers, ask these important questions to prepare for moving day.

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