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Four Signs Your Toilet Issue Cannot Be Resolved with a Plunger

One of the more common plumbing-related issues that you may deal with is a clogged toilet. Nobody wants to waste time and money calling a plumber for an issue that may be resolved in less than a minute with the use of a plunger. However, a plunger will not address all toilet issues, and there are a few important instances when you should call a plumber to your home as soon as possible.

1. The Plunger Is Not Producing Results

If you are like most people, you will reach for the plunger at the first sign of a toilet issue. A plunger may be effective at dislodging material that has lodged in the pipe. You may have to attempt to plunge the toilet several times to produce results in some cases. However, if your efforts are not producing desired results, a plumber may need to snake or clean the pipe through hydrojetting.

2. The Water Will Not Stop Flowing

If water is overflowing out of your toilet because of the toilet clog, your first step should be to adjust the valve at the back of the toilet. This should immediately stop new water from flowing through the pipe. If that valve does not work for some reason, you may need to venture outside to turn off the main water supply. This will address the waterflow issue, but you still need a professional to help you remove the clog and to fix the valve behind the toilet that is not working.

3. Sewage Is Backing Out of the Toilet

Some toilet issues are not caused by a clogged pipe after all. They may be caused by an issue farther down the pipe in the main sewer line. A sewer line issue can cause sewage waste to flow backward into your home, and plunging is not effective in this case. This is a plumbing emergency, so you should immediately contact a plumber Toronto to prevent unnecessary property damage.

4. You Know What Is Causing the Blockage

A plunger is typically an effective way to dislodge a huge wad of toilet paper, a feminine product or human waste that may be clogging up the pipe. However, if you know that a foreign object was flushed down the toilet, such as a child’s toy, plumbing services may be needed. Many foreign objects must be carefully removed by a professional.

A functional toilet is a veritable necessity for most people, and a clog can disrupt your ability to use the toilet. In some cases, it can even cause property damage. While plumbing may be a common step to take when dealing with a broken toilet, remember that some toilet issues should be addressed by a skilled professional.

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