ID Card Printers Vs ID Card Laminators: Which Should Be My Choice?

Are you looking for a large number of membership cards or ID cards on professional basis? Do you have a large customer base including students, gym members and club members buying these from you? If, both the answers are “yes”, it means your requirement is pretty large and the thing that you primarily consider is the type printer according to your job purpose. Remember, that a wrong choice may wash your pocket off without even serving your purpose. The best two options that will be available for you are ID card printer or ID card laminator from Avon Security. Though, they both perform the similar jobs of printing but there is a huge gap of difference between their processes of working and their quality.

Given below are some major points of difference that will help you in getting a clear idea about both and meet your requirements accordingly.

1) Quality of the Finished Production
A plastic ID card is made of single resin. It generally does not need any kind of pressure. Using a plastic printer always make the finished product look more professional. It gives it a clean touch. On the other hand, the ID card laminators, though perform a good job,there is no guaranty. The laminators leave no bubbles or creases between the plastic pouch and paper card. The final products look good but it always show a plastic border which is needed to seal the plastic covers.

2) Requirements of Effort in Generating Id Cards
ID card laminator requires greater effort and manual labor during the lamination process. No wonder, the process is extremely time-consuming. Work progresses slowly as you need to print the cards in the first place, then place them in pouches, and only after that you can laminate a card at a single time. As it takes quite a considerable amount of time, it’s efficacy in the business purpose is practically nil. As you need to deliver a high volume of printing, such a time consuming process won’t be of much help. But plastic card printer is much more effective as it need not any manual labor and can print a single card or a stack of cards without any manual intervention.

3) Prices
The difference of price for both is seemingly huge. A card laminator starts from the prices of $50 to $200 depending on the features. On the other hand, a card printer has a widely varying price range from $1000 to $10,000as per the features. So, a card printer is costlier than a card laminator. But if your budget is low then laminator may be the best option for your printing purpose.

4) Speed of Work
In terms of speed, a plastic printer is profitable bet than a laminator. As laminator needs manual labor of putting the cards symmetrically, it is obviously a lengthy process. It needs time to heat up. But a plastic printer can finish a huge volume of work faster than laminator.

5) Versatility of Performance
Though plastic printer has a high capacity of work but laminator can provide a more versatile form of printing as you can here choose any size or thickness or color. This is what a plastic printer does not have.. It is only fit for printing ID cards of same sizes.

The Endnote
Finally, it can be said that choosing a plastic printer or laminator, actually depends on the type of your requirements. The only recommendation is to get both the products compared interms of speed, price and efficiency.

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