The 6 Most Popular Residential Door Locks

When you hire a locksmith to replace your door locks, you’ll have a number of options available to you. Choosing a residential door lock can seem overwhelming, but it’s worthwhile to do your research first. Here, we’ll go over the 6 most common options for door locks, and their main features.


Type 1: Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt door locks are a classic style of lock that have been around for centuries. Essentially, turning the key moves the bolt into the frame of the door, securing the door in place. The deadbolt can only be moved with the key from outside the house, though it can be opened with the latch from inside the house.

Deadbolts are generally considered an extremely secure type of door lock. You can even install more than one deadbolt for extra security.


Type 2: Door Knob Locks

Most houses have a lock in the door knob, and this is often the primary lock used to secure the house. Many people combine door knob locks with deadbolts for added security.

A door knob lock features a keyhole inside the doorknob, and on the other side, a small latch that can be used to lock and unlock the knob. A Toronto locksmith can create a door knob lock with the same key as your deadbolt, making it easier to enter your home.


Type 3: Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is typically installed in a commercial setting. The lock and handle are built into the door, and the components are extremely sturdy and durable. A mortise lock features a deadbolt and a separate latchbolt, both built into the lock housing. Most of the time, these locks will not be installed in a residential setting.


Type 4: Cylindrical Lever Locks

A cylindrical lever lock is a style of lock installed by drilling perpendicular cylindrical holes into a door. The term “lever” refers to the lever style handle typically installed with these locks.


Type 5: Euro Cylinder Locks

A euro cylinder is a lock that’s typically used in Europe. It has a very thin profile, and uses a cylindrical design. Hence the name “euro cylinder”. Euro cylinders may be vulnerable to breaking because they’re so small. They’re often used in retrofits to fit into existing designs.


Type 6: Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are the latest craze in the lock industry. They consist of an electronically controlled deadbolt (with the option to use a standard key in case the batteries run out). Electronic locks can enable you to allow friends, relatives, and workers to enter your house by simply giving them a code. It’s also better for children, who may be too irresponsible to look after a key.

The next level of electronic locks is smart locks. Recently, Amazon has developed an electronic smart lock system that combines with a security camera to enable features like temporary access for workers, and in-door package delivery.

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