Top 5 Business People to Add to Your Real Estate CRM

Agents use real estate CRM (customer or client relationship manager) programs to correspond with home shoppers, sellers, and past clients, but there is a whole group of professional people that should be added to the system also. Business professionals can be a referral source, and these groups can add another base to draw leads from.

1. Accountants

Tax preparers and accountants may need to refer some of their clients to a real estate agent. A client may be looking for some tax shelter property. On the other hand, the accountant may have a client who owes taxes and may want to investigate selling property fast. A monthly or quarterly newsletter is suitable for this business group.

2. Lenders

You may think that mortgage lenders get many things from real estate agents, but they often are overlooked. Lenders can be a powerful source for referrals and knowledge. If you ever need a financing question answered, it is always good to have a few lenders you can call. It is appropriate to communicate often with lenders. Some campaigns a real estate CRM program can send out to lenders are monthly recipes, sport’s schedules, or generic hobby articles.

3. Contractors

Keeping in touch with repair persons and contractors can be helpful to you and your clients. Have you ever needed an emergency fix during escrow? Contractors that you have been regularly touching base with may be more likely to help you complete rush orders or work on weekends. Try to put all kinds of contractors and other types of skilled workers, such as electricians, plumbers, carpet cleaners, landscapers, housekeepers, and painters in your CRM program.

4. Escrow and Title Personnel

These people can be one of your greatest assets. They are responsible for all types of document preparation, and they may spend a great deal of time with your clients. Acknowledging them may get your referrals and extra help in their offices should you ever need it. Set all the people in the escrow and title office that help you close each transaction in your real estate CRM. Immediately after the close, have the system send them either a traditional thank you card or an email. A thank you message after each closing, and a yearly holiday card should suffice for this bunch.

5. Home Inspectors

Inspectors should be thought of as part of your real estate team. They may end of spending time with homeowners during pre-listing inspections and with your buyers during their investigation period. Most inspectors would appreciate a simple quarterly newsletter. It can cover most any topic, and it can be easily sent directly to their email.

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