Top 5 Professional Team Members To Set Up In A Real Estate CRM

Agents frequently use their real estate CRM to keep in contact with past sellers, future buyers, and current leads, but they may want to consider adding these five outside team members. It is a professional and simple way to keep in contact throughout the year.

1. Escrow Officers

You probably use several escrow officers to close your transactions. Once you have had a closing with an officer, add that person into your real estate CRM. Send them a few pieces during the year. In addition to a holiday greeting, create a custom letter to be sent out around the season when buyers become most active. Let them know you are out there looking for new business for both you and them. Additional resources are available at the IXACT Real Estate CRM website.

2. Home Loan Lenders

Real estate agents get lots of emails, phone calls, and letters from various mortgage lenders, but you can reverse the roll. Email mortgage lenders you have worked with in the past or want to work with in the future automatic communications. You can send a lender a weekly update or a monthly newsletter. Keeping in close contact with them is fine.

3. Home Insurance Representatives

Your homebuyers may ask you for references on home insurance companies, so it is a good idea to know several representatives from different companies. This way you can refer your buyers to a few so that they can get more quotes. Similar to an escrow officer, send these team members a quarterly newsletter and a holiday greeting.

4. Home Inspectors

Home inspectors work with many real estate agents, but once you have met and worked with one, it does not hurt to set them up in the CRM. Keep the communications simple, such as quarterly market updates. They may refer you business, but if they do not, you will still have a friendly and professional relationship with them.

5. Termite or Pest Inspectors

These inspectors should be considered part of your professional team also. They can receive the same information you send to your home inspectors. If you are using a franchise termite company, the individual inspector may not have a private email. Sometimes the information is shared with the office staff or management. If that is the case, ask if it is all right if you send quarterly updates on market values. Most people enjoy receiving that type of data, and if the inspector states the emails are for work purposes only, you can ask if they would like to receive the information personally. Sometimes they are open to giving out that information as long as you let them know there is value in it, and there will be nothing spammy sent.

A real estate CRM is a great tool to stay in front of traditional real estate customers, but it can be used to keep in touch with all professionals who you should consider part of your team.

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