Top 6 Highly Demanded Degrees in Professional Education

With so many professional, high paying degrees available in today’s time, it has become extremely confusing to choose the right one.

Your career path is decided by the education you pursue. It should be keep up with your interest, be at pace with all other degrees in the market and most importantly offer high returns in the future.

In the current scenario, while there exists opportunities that have always been in demand such as masters in education, etc, one can find many colleges and institutions offering professional degrees in fields which weren’t a part of mainstream education before, such as, photography, soft skills, and more.

Thus, we’ve listed out some highly demanded professional degrees below to make one’s choices easier.

1. MBA

MBA degrees and degree holders have taken the world by a storm, especially in the last decade. Even though it is the most common professional degree found, it still makes to the top of the list. It requires two years of post graduate study for completion.

One can specialize into business, accounting and finance which are the most common ones available but many more interesting fields have found their way into the MBA degree such as communications, advertising, marketing, logistics etc.

MBA programs have become so popular that one can complete them through distance education, executive programs and also online.

2. Doctor of Medicine (MD)

No other professional degree is as rewarding as that in the medical field. Doctors and physicians have been in demand for many years and continue to be in today’s day and time.

An MD is a terminal degree for physicians and surgeons. It is the first professional graduate degree provided to a student graduating from medical school.

But it requires three four years of post graduate study and the completion of minimum of seven year residency program before becoming a master in the profession.

Including the personal satisfaction of saving lives, doctors have a healthy salary and if desired, one can have their own private practice which is equally rewarding.

3. B.Tech or B.Sc in Information Technology

With the world pivoting on its axis due to the fast pace developments in science in technology, a professional degree in the IT sector has huge returns.

A B.Tech or B.Sc in the IT sector takes about three to five years for completion. Most jobs in the IT sector require a bachelor’s degree in the field, the key to doing well in this field is experience and innovation.

One has multiple job prospects with an education in Information Technology such as web development, software development, IT management, etc.

4. Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Education is needed by all and at all levels. The world needs educators from the pre-schools to universities offering masters in professional education.

The world will never run out of jobs for teachers and educators since everyone needs a teacher to enhance their lives.

One can teach in a school by simply getting a bachelor’s degree and a state issued certificate, which takes a minimum of three years or one can become a doctor of education (Ed.D) which involves a four to five years of post graduate coursework.

An Ed.D degree enables one to teach at the university level or even become a part of the administration.

Many institutions have begun offering diplomas and certificates in soft skills, and these have created demand for education professionals in soft skills as well.

There are several teacher specialist courses available in University of Western Ontario to help with such programs.

5. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D or Research)

If one doesn’t want to sit behind a desk all day or work in the corporate world, the field of research can be quite interesting.

Science and technology has always wanted specialists and scientists to bring about developments in their specific fields.

One must pursue a doctorate degree or a Ph.D which requires a minimum of four years of coursework to go into the field of research, but it can extremely rewarding in the current scenario of the world.

A Ph.D awardee is also enabled to become a professor and teach in universities.

6. M.Sc in Statistics

The field of statistics has also opened up various jobs in the market. One needs a master’s degree to do well in this area.

An M.Sc in Statistics requires a two years of post graduate study, but a statistician earns a comfortable income right after college.

Contrary to the common beliefs, the work of a statistician is not just crunching numbers, but analyzing and solving real world problems.

One thing to remember while deciding upon a degree is to pay attention the quality of the job that comes after, and to not just focus on the monetary aspect of it.

Choosing and committing to a professional degree can require a considerable amount of effort and money, but the high returns and a smooth career path is assured for the future.

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