4 Reasons to Postpone Your Moving Day

With the moving contract signed and everything mostly packed up, you are ready and champing at the bit to get the move over with. But sometimes life intrudes on our best-laid plans. Although you are determined to move as scheduled, occasions like those listed below may lead to postponing moving day. Some of these events may seem obvious, but in certain cases you cannot be sure at first. That’s why it is important to give extra thought to these circumstances.

1. Weather

Depending on the climate where you live and where you are relocating to, along with weather at both locations, you might need to postpone your move if a problematic weather front is forecast. Blizzards, heavy thunderstorms, flooding, and bitter cold may be good reasons to reschedule your move. Check with the movers ahead of time to see what their weather restrictions are.

2. Illness

Most of us can drag through the day with a stomach virus or garden variety cold. But if a more serious condition hits, it is only fair to cancel the move and wait for medical improvement or treatment. The flu is a major concern, especially with several sick family members. But if just one has it and can be quarantined elsewhere, the moving crew may want to handle the job anyway. However, a newly discovered case of lice, bedbugs, or scabies offers a good reason to treat the condition before inviting movers to handle furnishings that may be infested, plus you don’t want to carry these pests to your new home.

3. Financial Strain

Assuming that your move has been scheduled weeks in advance, you are probably ready to proceed, no matter what happens with household income or expenses. However, if someone unexpectedly loses a job or a major expense hits, like a burst water pipe or worn out furnace, you may need to wait on the costs and logistics of moving day as originally planned.

4. New Home Delays

If you are building a new home and plan to move in shortly after completion, you might need to delay the move if the home does not get finished on time, which happens fairly often. If the home is inspected and ready for new residents, a last-minute problem with the electrical system or a structural issue may be found that suggests it would be better to move in later, if possible, after the problem has been managed, both for financial reasons and spatial considerations.

Although these conditions are neither common nor especially cumbersome, under certain circumstances, they can be onerous and have a detrimental effect on moving plans. Discuss these and related possibilities with the moving company in advance so you know your options. You can find more info at http://www.hudsonmovers.com/.

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